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Assalaamun Alaikum wa Rahmatullah wa Barakatuh, brothers and sisters.
Bismillahi Rahmani Rahim.

This topic is about worship as in whatever shape it may be, remember most of the things which I write are from my own perspectives. I'm open to new things and if someone wishes to correct me or start an conversation I would happily apply.

As you know people have come to worship many things, many "gods" or one God. But there are many things that people worship, without them realizing it as an act of worship. Some people tend to be afraid of death, losing one's property or wealth. These things the believers consider as something that may come to them, while they really do not much care about them. Such as money should be widespread and those whom do not have much of it, they should be supported and helped by those who have the means to help them. What comes to property and death it's the same, we get it by the mercy of our Creator. If He wills us to get some certain things then we will indeed have them, by anyway possible. Death is as essential as is life, it will come neither has anyone lived without dying. So it's a basic and completely normal thing for people to die, people who start to miss people see mostly this life (their faith may be very low, thus not believing or accepting the idea of afterlife and so they believe only in this life).

So if people come to worship such things as this life, they will come to recognize that it has nothing to offer. In the end, this life gives only joy which's hardly long lasting. There are certain things which bring great joy to this life, these things are mostly so simple things that many come to deny them. People have negative way to look at this life and so they come to seek the joy which's only bringing them more pain, in the end. And everyone of us has faced this fact, we know and feel that sometimes things are very hard, to pass by. So why should people who don't believe in afterlife, be afraid of death? As if it's only death we're facing and nothing after it, what's so bad in that? And as rational people they should know that death is only part of life, basic thing which we will all face when the time comes. So why should we so highly regard something that's not even everlasting? At last we can say that if we appreciate this life so much, aren't we worshiping it? By trying to hold onto this life, whilst knowing that it will fade away isn't it very funny? When we know in our everyday life that we will die, why can't we come to embrace it and accept it as such?

Our lives have a meaning when we come to realize the truth and accept it. We as humans need the truth and need to know what it is. Truth cannot be found without searching for it and in every day there's a new teaching. We come to learn more things about ourselves each passing day, thus we come much more closer to truth if we wish to get near to it. But if we live heedlessly and try to avoid finding the truth, we come to see that life is "easier" in a way. As when we come to acknowledge the truth and what's really happening, just sitting by isn't comforting for us. When we come to see the truth, whole world and life as it is starts to seem as much more different thing. It's not just black and white anymore, it starts to have colors in it, colors which we never before realized.

I hope that this post awakened questions inside of the readers and that we would start to take life as it is. That we could come better in the ways which we have and that we would start to make a difference. Of course it's up to every person to do as they wish to do, there's no doubt about that. I just wish that people would start to come by with the idea of unity and realizing what's really essential in our lives.

Whatever mistakes I made came completely from me, the truth and accuracy came from God the most high.

Thank you for reading this,
JazakAllah Khair.

Peace be upon you.

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